Our Story 

From midwife to mumpreneur

Hi, I’m Laura Mudie. I’m a busy mum to a lively 4 year old and I’m a senior midwife delivering little bundles of joy into the world. I also own and run two businesses ...so not a lot of spare time!

My journey into the world of business and product design started in 2007 when I was an A&E nurse. Having to wear a uniform everyday seemed a bit dull so I though perhaps accessories could add a little individuality. All nurses need to wear a fob watch but looking around for these items I realised there were only plain ones available.

So..I took a deep breath, put some design ideas together, and jumped on a plane to China... I was just 23 years old. On my return with my first shipment I started to sell to my colleagues and the word got around. Sales went so well that I expanded on the range and set up a website dedicated to supplying fun and practical items for nurses and midwives.

Finding solutions to your baby care problems
Having created this successful business for the medical profession, becoming a midwife and then a mum myself, it seemed only natural to look at products for mums and babies too. So with the same enthusiasm, and armed with a little more business know-how, my next enterprise started to take shape.

The first product idea emerged when my little girl threw her favourite toy out of the buggy without us realising. Luckily he was found but, having mopped up the tears, I started looking around for a universal clip that could hold her precious toy securely to the buggy and found such a product didn’t exist. So, not scared of a challenge I set out to manufacture one.

I launched our Pram Pegs to market in 2015 under the brand name ‘Little Rosa’ and was asked to enter the ‘Invent with Tom’ competition. This was a collaboration between the 2011 winner of The Apprentice, Tom Pellereau, Sir Alan Sugar, and high street retailers JoJo Mama Bebe. We won the competition, and with this introduction, have been listed in all JoJo stores ever since.

Next steps
Winning the competition gave me the momentum to keep going but I soon realised that I needed to develop the brand and create a larger range of products if I was to compete in this challenging market. So, in 2016 I started working with a fabulous brand and product designer who helped to made my visions a reality and we set to work to produce an innovative new range.

Our company name ‘Little Rosa’ - inspired by my daughter ‘Sienna Rose’ - became Rosa & Bo and two characters were born - Rosa and her pet bunny, Bo. New products, branding and packaging were designed and manufactured and a new website was launched, it was a very busy year! 

Our Pram Pegs are still really popular, but the product focus has shifted slightly to include our beautiful British-designed sensory toys and nursery products for babies and toddlers.

What makes us different?
Rosa & Bo was developed with a clear understanding of early childhood cognitive development. Helpful tips, advice, and our products all come from expert knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and beyond, coupled with experience of being a mum and part of a large mummy community.

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About our products
We are excited to announce the launch of our colourful Nesting Babies with chiming Bo Bunny. Inspired by Russian dolls, they will be the first nursery toy to be completely safe for children under 3. The dolls will encourage interaction with bright colours, and promote the development of hand/eye coordination. Parents can demonstrate how the toy works, and watch baby’s excitement as the Rosa babies are revealed. There is also the final sensory surprise of a chiming Bo Bunny in the centre, which will widen a baby’s experience of hearing sounds.

Our Character Teethers are super-soft to touch, are gently flavoured for smell and taste. They can be chilled in the fridge too for those times when extra comfort is needed. Babies are facinated by faces and our cute teethers feature a smiling Rosa or Bo face that will engage and entertain your baby as well as being great to chew on! Our teethers are easy to hold from 4 months, but are safety tested right from birth. They are dishwasher and steriliser safe for easy cleaning too!

Our extra large, Super Soft Muslins Blankets, featuring our Rosa and Bo patterns, have proved to be very popular and although there are many on the market ours are much larger than most, making them more versatile both at home and on the go. Our Pram Pegs come in co-ordinating colour-ways and can also be used in lots of different ways. See Instagram and Facebook for loads of ideas!