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Midwife to Maker: How Rosa and Bo Was Born

As a midwife and a mum, I understand the problems that mums can encounter every day. I also understand how we can help our babies to develop and thrive, and this is the ethos behind Rosa and Bo.

Our name was inspired by my daughter, Sienna Rose, who quickly earned the nickname, ‘Little Rosa,’ and her pet bunny, Bo.

Our vision is to offer a range of beautiful sensory baby products, along with practical solutions to your baby care problems, all backed up by expert knowledge.

Finding solutions to your baby care problems

I noticed a gap in the market for a universal clip that could hold items to any part of your child’s pram or buggy. Our Pram Pegs were born when we lost Sienna’s favourite toy on a trip out. She managed to throw it out of the pram when I wasn’t looking. Luckily, disaster was averted and we found him sitting on a wall. But I see so many mums pleading for information about a lost toy on social media networks; with our Pram Pegs it could have been avoided!

What makes us different?

Rosa and Bo was developed with love and a clear understanding of early childhood cognitive development. Our helpful tips, advice, and our beautiful products all come from our expert knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and beyond, mixed with a little ingenuity, of course!

Success by design

My journey into the world of business and product design started in 2007 when I was an A&E nurse. I saw that there was a gap in the market for unusual nurses’ fob watches. I put some designs together, and jumped on a plane to China at 23 years old. Later I established dedicated websites to offer everything a busy nurse or midwife could need.

A business education

Fast forward to 2013, and the birth of my daughter, Sienna Rose, who inspired the Rosa and Bo brand name. Soon after, I launched our Pram Pegs to market, and I was asked to take part in a competition called ‘Invent with Tom.’ This was a collaboration between the 2011 winner of The Apprentice, Tom Pellereau, Sir Alan Sugar, and high street retailers JoJo Maman Bebe.

We duly won the competition, and what’s better, we have been listed in all JoJo stores ever since.

The competition was the start of my business education, and I soon realised that I would only be able to break into larger stores if I had a product range. One product, low value items do not make for a profitable business relationship.

So, in 2016 I started working with a fabulous designer who made my visions a reality. I still love the Pram Pegs, but I have shifted my focus and found my niche; beautiful British- designed sensory toys and products for young babies.

Our products

Our teethers are super-soft to touch, and are flavoured for smell and taste. They also feature our characters with large engaging faces to be a friend to the baby, they aren’t just a boring old teether. They offer a baby an age-appropriate way to interact, as well as being great to chew on!

They are easy to hold from 4 months, although they are safety tested right from birth. They are dishwasher/ steriliser safe for easy cleaning and can be chilled in the fridge to offer extra comfort when teething.

Coming soon

Our next product in the pipeline is our nesting babies. They are inspired by Russian Dolls, and they will be the first toy to be completely safe for children under 3. The dolls will encourage interaction with vivid colours, and promote the development of hand/eye coordination. Mums can demonstrate how the toy works, and watch baby’s excitement as the Rosa babies are revealed. There is also the final sensory surprise of a chiming bell Bo Bunny in the centre, which will widen a baby’s experience of hearing sounds.

There are lots of exciting developments happening here at Rosa and Bo, if you want to be kept up to date, sign up for our newsletter. 

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