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How to Celebrate with your Baby Valentine!

How to Celebrate with your Baby Valentine!

How to Celebrate with your Baby Valentine!

Saint Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is the traditional day for people to express their love to each other. We have five gorgeous ideas for you to celebrate with the ones you love- particularly your little ones!


Begin a holiday book box

Reading stories about festivals and holidays is a wonderful way to help children learn about the world. When your child is small, you can build a box of holiday-filled books to get out every year. Here at Rosa & Bo we have our very own board book ‘Rosa & Bo Say Hello’. Throughout this gentle and heart-warming first story, children will journey with Rosa as she goes on an exciting adventure and makes the best discovery anyone can ever make. A tale of courage, kindness, and connection; of friendship and smiles, a perfect story to teach children about love.

Stories about family members such as Mum, Dad or Grandparents also make a lovely gift for babies to give on their first Valentine’s Day.


Dress up and plan a photoshoot

As soon as Christmas is over, the shops begin filling their shelves with Valentine-themed… well, everything! There are some super cute rompers available, or you could dress your little ones in red, pink or perhaps a colour that they love! There are also lots of photo backdrops available now which are perfect if you want to create a scene for your little ones to stand or sit in whilst you snap away. Remember the photo doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s the memories that count!

Girl dress up fairy


Have a Valentine’s Play-Date Party!

Why not get a group of friends together and have a Valentine-themed play date party?! You can also use the idea above and get some photos of your little love bugs together which you can cherish as they grow up. Strawberries, raspberries, and heart-shaped pancakes can be Valentine’s themed and something that little and grown-up taste buds will both enjoy! Older ones will enjoy some Valentine-themed crafts, and you can create a love-themed playlist for some background lovey vibes!

boys, water fun, play date


Spend the day snuggling

Is there a better excuse than Valentine’s Day to enjoy some extra kisses and cuddles with your little Valentine?! It’s true what they say, the days are long but the years are short, so try not to get bogged down with the to-do list and spend the day soaking up those cuddles with your little ones.

 Snuggle, baby, baby feet

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, we are all sending you some extra love this season from us all at Rosa & Bo.

This blog has been written by our Resident Play Expert here at Rosa & Bo, Sarah Doman. Sarah is a Hypnobirth and Early Years Expert. She helps families from pregnancy to children of school age to give birth and parent with confidence.

You can find her on social media @sarahldoman or check out her website here.
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