Who are the Woodlies?

Who are the Woodlies?

Who are the Woodlies?

At Rosa & Bo, we believe it's the little moments that are the big things in life. That’s why we’re passionate about supporting baby and toddler development by creating happy memories through play, and inspiring parents to enjoy quality time with their child. It’s this that drives us to develop fun and creative products that your children and you will revel in. 

Our happy little Rosa and Bo Woodlies characters have arrived in easy-to-grab sustainable wood that is the perfect size for little hands. Our Woodlies help to develop hand to eye co-ordination, recognition skills and fantasy play.

However, they do not need to be confined to the environment we created for them. There is no reason why your Woodlies can not venture into the dolls house, the sand pit or start an adventure duelling with dinosaurs. The imagination of a toddlers mind can take them anywhere in the world and at Rosa & Bo we encourage this curiosity. I am so excited to hear your stories of how these characters have shaped your child's world through play.  Cherish this time playing (as much the household chores, work and multi tasking mayhem allows). Continue to 'play at making memories' with your children and remember that you are always enough for them.

Thank you so much to every single person that supports our small business and from one mother to another, I salute you.

Laura xxx

Founder at Rosa & Bo 

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