Meet Rosa and Bo


Meet Rosa

Rosa is a little girl with big dreams. She likes to chase rainbows, climb trees and splash in puddles. She longs for adventure and not a day goes by where she doesn’t go searching for it. One afternoon, as an exhausted Rosa made her way home from a morning of friendly sparring with a dashing dragon, Rosa heard a noise from under the hedgerow. It sounded a lot like a bunny rabbit sneezing. Which is a very funny sound indeed. Rosa bent down and peered beneath the brambles. That’s when she saw Bo. Bright-eyed, bushy tailed and really rather lonely. Bo was lost and Rosa was found.

 Meet Bo

Bo had never much taken to life in the wild. He loved the freedom, green pastures and (foxes aside), he got on with most of the other woodland folk, but he always felt like he was missing something. One day, when he was having a particularly rabbity day, Bo ducked into a hedgerow and had himself a little sniffle. He hadn’t wanted the other bunnies to see him as he knew they wouldn’t understand. At that moment, just as Bo was pondering life’s biggest questions, like where carrots come from and why hares have all the fun, he locked eyes with the kindest face he had ever seen. Rosa has been his pet ever since.


Some things just make sense. Some things are meant to be.
Some things are right from the start, just like Rosa & Bo.
Welcome to the family.