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How to Colour Sensory Rice for Playtime

How to Colour Sensory Rice for Playtime

How to Colour Sensory Rice for Playtime

This weekend we set up this lovely, simple, and fun play idea with coloured sensory rice. We choose to create a Rainbow theme to match our Nesting Babies.

Things you will need

Rice, vinegar, food dye, a container with a lid or zip lock bag and a teaspoon

how to make sensory coloured rice

What to do

1. Measure out a cup of rice and add to the container or bag. 

2. Add one teaspoon of vinegar (this helps to spread and set the colour without it coming off on your hands).

3. Add a few drops of dye and mix by shaking the bag or box. Add more colour as desired. 

4. Spread the rice on a plate for around 24 hours to dry. The rice may smell strongly of vinegar but this will go away before its ready for playtime. 

5. Have fun! And don't forget to involve them in cleaning up the mess too. 

rainbow nesting babies with rice

Please remember any play suggestions that involve food or household items should be under direct adult supervision at all times. This is not suitable for young children who may try to ingest the rice. 

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