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Messy Play with Foam

Messy Play with Foam

Messy Play with Foam

Squishing, squashing and squelching! Many children absolutely love to get involved with messy play. But does it really help your child develop? Absolutely! Messy play allows children to learn, develop and explore in a completely unstructured way. Here is a play idea you can try with your little one. 


What you will need?

Foam (we used gentle shaving foam) 

Food dye

Stirring sticks or spoons

Large mixing bowl or play tray

Rainbow nesting Babies (optional)

Washing up liquid and sponge


How to play?

1. Add foam to the play tray and add several drops of food colouring in the desired colour. Use a small stick or spoon to mix the colour into the foam. 

2. We used our Rainbow Nesting Babies to demonstrate colour matching. 

3. Get stuck in and have fun mixing it all up with the spoons or your hands. 

4. Make sure you involve your little one in the washing up too!

We hope you have fun! Please remember that any activity involving household items needs to be under adult supervision at all times. Please do not try this activity if your child is likely to put the foam or other items in their mouth. 

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